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Yes. We highly recommend using a specifically designed INDOOR tanning lotion prior to each sunbed session. Dry skin reflects UV light, so if you are not using an indoor tanning lotion, you could waste up to 50% of your tanning session. It is also essential for tanning lotions to replace moisture in your skin that is depleted during the sunbed session.

The prep and aftercare of your spray tan are CRUCIAL to making or breaking a sunless tan. Before your spray tan session, you want to ensure that you have completely showered, exfoliated, and shaved your legs. Make sure that all makeup and prior lotion have been removed from your skin. Apply a quality primer right before your session and then you get sprayed! After your spray tan and your first shower, you want to ensure that you are moisturizing daily and using the correct body washes on your skin. Any lotion, body wash, or even shampoo that contains “sulfate and paraben” could strip and fade your sunless results much faster. Ask one of our tanning consultants for recommendations on the best tanning extenders and body washes.

Yes! Your eyes are very sensitive to UV light. In fact, your eyelids are the thinnest skin on your body, therefore UV light can penetrate through the skin to the surface of your eyes. Coco Buns Tanning REQUIRES all members to use eye protection while using our sunbed services.

You can see color after your first session! We have a variety of equipment and services that can give you the immediate and delayed tanning results you are looking for. Our state-of-the-art highest-level sunbeds can give you a nice base tan in as little as three tanning sessions. Our sunless equipment can give you color within 15 minutes of your session. We understand that everyone tans differently and there are different skin types, therefore, we have tanning equipment that can fit all the needs of our clients.

Yes! We have memberships and packages that are perfect for the year-round, special event and even sporadic tanners. Annual memberships, single sessions, and no-commitment months are some of the options we have available. Stop by your local CocoBuns Tanning salon and let us give you a tour of everything we offer. Our tanning consultants will speak with you to find the perfect package that works for you and your life.

Since 1986, the Food and Drug Administration guidelines maintain that a 48-hour time interval should pass between tanning sessions. Pigmentation and/or erythema (sunburn) may not be fully visible for between 12-24 hours. Thus, two tanning sessions within this 24-hour period could cause an unintentional burn and is not allowed. In general, maximum pigmentation should be built up gradually in 8-10 tanning sessions.

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Coco Buns believes that if we never lose focus of our mission to “provide our guests with the best tanning experience in town,” continuously train our professional staff, offer the best tanning experiences our guests want, and continue to make sound fiscal decisions, we’ll be the only tanning salon in Havre de Grace for years to come.


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