Follow My Skin Care Routine & You’re Destined For Great Results
I’ve been tanning for over 8 years now and I’ve finally figured out what works best for my skin. After trying out over hundreds of products…I’m here to share my collection with you.
Regardless if you are sunless or sunbed tanning (BECAUSE I DO BOTH) , you want to ensure that you have got the right products in your bag and at home.
What You SHOULD Have In Your Bag at ALL Times
  • Body wash GALORE! I can’t preach the importance loud enough. You want to always use salon tan-extending body wash at ALL times. Other body washes may contain sulfates, parabens, harsh soaps, and oils that will strip and fade your color quicker. CocoBuns Tanning carries a wide variety of products of all different fragrances and tan extending properties.
  • Moisturize on the REG! Dry skin DOESN’T tan nor does it even LOOK tan. I moisturize after every tanning session and after every shower. I try to moisturize at LEAST twice a day to ensure that my skin is looking and feeling great. You get new skin cells every 7 days…so you should take care of each one.
  • “My face doesn’t tan” – that is what I USED to say before I started using a facial moisturizing lotion before every tanning session and every morning. These salon-professional lotions are specifically designed to help your face achieve more color but also taking it into consideration that your face is a very sensitive part of your body. Benefits like BB Cream and Blur Finish will help to eliminate imperfections on your skin while also nourishing your skin with much needed hydration.
  • Always use a Bronzer tanning lotion for immediate cosmetic color! I always switch up my tanning lotions because your skin will get used to the same product and tanning bed over time. I never want my color to reach a plateau so I mix it up. I personally love Fortune by Devoted Creations. Fortune contains anti-aging boosters that will work to protect, tighten, and tone skin to its youthful appearance. I used this lotion about twice a week and always take it with me when I’m laying outside or at the pool.
  • Whenever I’m just looking to maintain the color that I have I rely on my Natural Bronzers for that. Color Me Coco by Devoted Creations is aloe based that allows for motorization to be replenished in my skin. Coastal coconut creamy formula is centered around this lotion that makes my skin feel and smell great BEFORE and AFTER tanning.